My experiments with languages-Theatre Workshop

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In our journey of language acquisition, we constantly faced nomenclature issues. When we said language, only spoken languages come into our mind while other aspects remain understated in our brain. But few years into the language research lab, we decided to name it as communication acquisition.

With our research into language acquisition (oops communication acquisition) taking shape with recognitions, conference presentations, publications and other programs, I decided to explore the creative aspect of it. After a lot of brain storming, nothing came up. But one day as I was talking to one of my patients (a 3 year old kid), she showed me something interesting. This girl was brought to me by her mother saying that she does not talk as much as the children of her age would do. But the girl showed me her drawing note and showed me few pictures drawn by her. It clearly depicted domestic violence. Then the Eureka moment came. Why not explore creative expression in the light of neuroscience. I discussed with my team and we branched out into creative expression. Wikipedia quoted arts as “an outlet of expression” and the list is huge. So one part of our research wing started exploring using visual arts like drawing and painting, I decided to explore personally the performing arts. And so we opened the Pandora’s Box.

It was an interesting experiment- a two-day acting workshop with the Evam entertainment. Though I learnt lot of things, I would like to limit myself to the language (oops again-communication) part of the workshop. What caught my attention and set my neuroscientific brain into various levels of thinking was the body language part of it. Especially the activity where we had to act talking gibberish yet convey the message through facial expressions and body language. Interestingly I played the role of a female. And I understood how much I was conveying through expressions alone. But what was happening in the mind of the viewers? Or in the brain of the audience? How could they appreciate it? Though western studies have a different view of this, an auto ethnography study on this is still missing and this study exactly aims to do this.

Now coming to the neuroscientific part of it, when we were looking at the body language, our hypotheses is that a unique circuit got activated that is embedded within the communication acquisition circuit? We are exploring this and may be in future we would clearly pin point all these circuits.

As of now, there is definitely a communication acquisition circuit that closely works with communication, social interactions, empathy and simulation.

Keep in touch with us for more of our interesting revelations……

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