Ancient scriptures: the key to language acquisition?

Our first experiment started with the reading of existing literature. Wait! This is no academic literature search. I am talking about the ancient writings that carry some immense knowledge on language learning. So we analysed few scriptures and came up with two important events recorded in the scriptures.

Event 1: Abhimanyu

Ancient scriptures talk about how Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna heard the strategy of getting into the Chakravyuh while being a fetus. Unfortunately he did not listen to the portion that detailed the exit strategy.

Event 2: The story of Babel

Genesis 9:11 talks about how God confused languages. The story goes like this, people on earth start building a tower that rises above the clouds to reach the heavens. God is unhappy about it and understands that humans are doing so many things mainly because they have a single language to communicate. So he confused them by creating languages and thereby gave birth to the plethora of languages that we have today.

Here is another interesting fact: there is something called the GIFT of TONGUES which is reported in the Bible in the book of Acts and also Pentecostal Christians speak till date when they are in prayer. It is said to be the divine language of the Gods and Angels.

Considering these two events, (fact or myth, we are not debating this), it can be understood that language acquisition may be more complex and having more religious connotation. Whatever it is, we enjoy learning languages and we are content with it.

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